Why Instagram Stories Are Good For Business

Customers and gratification want your instant information, and Instagram accounts offer that. Instagram stories allow you to post a photo or video on Instagram, which can only be viewed for twenty-four hours, and after that, it will disappear completely.Image result for Instagram

The idea behind Instagram stories is that they can be easily shared, and since they can only be accessed for twenty-four hours, many people are encouraged to open them quickly.

For companies, the stories have possibilities that are great and could be used to improve your business if they are used properly.

Present a typical day in the life of your business

An intelligent way to use Instagram accounts is simply to post videos of the normal day-to-day procedures of your company. You can add useful subtitles to explain what is happening to the viewers. This is more effective for companies with interesting articles that could be presented in video or photo. For example, a restaurant can post an Instagram story of them producing a favorite dish, which will attract customers.

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Share discounts or maybe special offers

You can make use of Instagram stories to offer special offers or discounts to customers. Simply announce the discount through a striking image or maybe develop a quick promotional video and post it. Make sure your audience knows that the offer is valid only for twenty four hours. This can encourage people to talk about their Instagram story with as many people as they can.

Show your product or service in use.

Upload video clips or perhaps images of your product, in fact, in use. Many companies already use this strategy. If you upload an excellent video, it can actually make people want to buy your product.

Celebrate a business achievement

If your prize is won by a business or maybe you achieve a significant event, share it with a story. In reality, a simple video of a part of the staff that speaks with the digital camera can help sell that your company has achieved something. This is a good way to give your business some personality and arouse the interest of buyers in your company.

Ways to create Instagram stories

Click on the plus sign in the upper left corner of the Instagram source you have. Then, click on the group button that appears at the bottom of the screen to take a picture of your smartphone, or maybe press and hold it to capture the video.

To place a filter, simply slide your finger to the left or perhaps to the right and choose from the different options provided. Touch the check mark at the bottom of the screen to see its history. You can choose who can see your story by clicking on the three dots in the lower right corner and selecting “Story Settings”.

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