Maplestory Magician Guide – 3 Easy Tips For Structure Your Magician

This Maplestory Magician Guide will certainly cover a few steps that will certainly have you well on your way to ending up being a remarkable magician.

Below are a couple of things to keep in mind as you build your magician:

Place the majority of your AP into INT
Keep your STR and DEX to a minimum, just so you can outfit items
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Make certain your statistics are appropriately distributed at the start
Now, onto the simple Maplestory magician guide:

Action 1: Distribute your stats when you develop your character

In case you do not already know, now your stats are redistributed when you end up being a Maplestory magician. As a result of this, it is best to distribute your statistics appropriately in order to leave the novice area swiftly:

When you level up add 1 point to DEX and the rest to STR until you get to degree 8 as well as end up being a magician This will certainly ensure quick progressing till after that.

After you become a magician, your stat points will certainly be reset so you have only 4 STR as well as 4 DEX, which is excellent for all Maplestory illusionists.

Step 2: Distribute your statistics after ending up being a Maplestory magician.

When you come to be a magician, you will definitely desire to make it so your LUK is 3 even more points than your level. Some magicians have no points put into LUK.

Action 3: Train for the very best

You will certainly want to train hard as a magician. A lot of illusionists come to be frustrated early on because they feel they aren’t doing sufficient damages, however this is regular in the very first couple of levels. As your character expands, he will certainly be able to do much, a lot more damages. It is well known that Maplestory illusionists can have the coolest as well as a few of one of the most powerful strikes, hurting several opponents simultaneously at either short or long variety. See to it you continue to train and also make use of the highest level equipment that you can.

When you become a magician, you will absolutely want to make it so your LUK is 3 more points than your degree. Some magicians have no points placed into LUK. The majority of magicians end up being aggravated early on because they feel they aren’t doing sufficient damages, but this is typical in the first couple of degrees. It is well recognized that Maplestory magicians can have the coolest and also some of the most effective assaults, damaging several enemies at when at either brief or long array.

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