Dethroned Within Three Weeks – Mahendra Singh Dhoni

It was end of April this year and end of the Indian Premier League when everyone in India was claiming that Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the very best captain, India has ever had and perfect captain for the twenty twenty format of the game. Reasons being – he helps to keep the cool of his when under force, he’s resourceful, he thinks well plus leads the team from the front. Qualities anyone is able to ask for in a captain of Indian Cricket team, where Indians follow cricket a lot more meticulously compared to anything else inside the world. He’d just led the team of Chennai Super Kings to the victory of theirs in the 3rd IPL tournament. Also he was certainly the King in the eyes of critics, former players, BCCI, press and every person else…

And never even 3 days later, in mid may Team India developed their in famous exit from the Twenty twenty international world cup & all guns are pointed at the captain Dhoni. The exact same man who was being praised by a single and many, he is now with the verge to be expelled as the captain of Indian team. What improved in a question of 3 months? How do cricket critics force someone’ God’ 1 day and pull him down the very next morning?

Just about every player has downs and ups in their profession. There are days when things go your days and way when they do not! Why it is that BCCI and cricket critics in India never ever have confidence in just about any professional? I’m not saying they should not sack Dhoni from the blog post of his, that’s a different discussion, although the point I wish to emphasize is that during IPL final when things happened to be going in favor of Chennai Super Kings and Dhoni, his captaincy was being valued by one & all. Everybody was all praise for him, that he is a better captain than Sachin Tendulkar, that was the captain of the losing team Mumbai Indians in the IPL final.

It wasn’t that Dhoni had put in a few unusual time and effort in IPL which he didn’t put in the world cup. The main difference in case any was in the group he was top. The number of players with whom he was reputable! Exactly why not give Mahendra Singh Dhoni family to senior players that are already out-of-form for a very long time now? Why not take action against all those who happen to be sloppy on the field whether it was running between the wickets or perhaps bowling or fielding during the crucial T 20 world cup match? Why take action merely against the captain?

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