Additional Tasks for a beautiful Lawn

There’s simply no point mowing a lawn properly in case you forget to keep it properly and also do just about all lawn care jobs, particularly in exotic environments like on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, where weather conditions could be varied and unpredictable.

If you’ve a lawn that is on terribly drained ground, puddles are able to show up after heavy rainfall and eventually end up in moss forming on the garden of yours. To be able to help prevent this you are able to carry out the simple process of aerating the grass. I say easy because all you will need is a backyard garden fork. To do this you simply have to hike up and down the lawn of yours, or perhaps just focus on the impacted areas, and every ten inches or perhaps so operate the fork into the soil around six inches down. This relieves compaction inside the earth, drainage is made better and new development is stimulated. It’s up to you how frequently you do this, but I’d suggest no less than once per season. Myself, I also get it done in case any brand new puddles form, as I might have missed a spot in the past or perhaps maybe not spiked the land deep enough. It could have half an hour or perhaps so to do, but in case you like the garden of yours then it’s really worth it.

Top dressing, or re thatching, of the lawn is a vital task if you want a high class lawn. There are a variety of great reasons for carrying out this, but basically the power and vigour of the lawn is improved. Top dressing is simply the application of a blend typically comprised of peat, sand and loam, and must be used every Autumn. I’d advise you seek guidance from your neighborhood garden centre about tools as well as the mixture required for this specific job.

As well as the fine feathered friends of ours, the lawn of ours mowers could be an enemy to the lawn of ours as weeds can be distributed by mowing our lawns by simply cutting a not so great area then immediately mowing a great area of grass with no first cleaning off the mower of yours. When these issues start to be established they’re hard to control, so a preventive program of utilizing lawn sand for moss management along with a selective weed killer in late Spring, in addition to an ailment preventative in the Autumn are crucial. Again seek guidance from an authority before going forward with chemical treatments.

Applying a suitable garden feeder during Autumn is an excellent way to improve pest control and increase the root system. Remember to choose the product of yours with care as products you might use in the Summer or Spring are unsuitable at other times during the entire year and can encourage soft development and raise the risk of disease. Ensure you choose a product that clearly states it’s for Autumn use.

The last task is usually to tackle brown patches the moment they appear, however, you mustn’t delay and hang on for it to be an eyesore, you should deal with it instantly. The causes and treatments are numerous and are the topic of a future post.

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