The best In Customized Mugs

Customized mugs are an extremely popular gift and people love to receive these thoughtful little presents, modified to represent the flavor and persona of the owners of theirs. These mugs are a good way to capture exceptional occasions or simply just to express personal styles. Generally, these mugs are often a little bit on the expensive side, take some time to ship and prove hard to change once the layout is chosen. There is another choice which provides for a lot more customization, allowing the proprietor to modify the mug design as often as he or she wishes. Chalkboard mugs are a wonderful gift option for artists, all those who write notes on whatever’s around as well as find impressive creating their own personal models, and coaches.

The most obvious thing that’s important for building a chalkboard mug is, of course, the coffee mug itself. You will want to select a color of mug which will match the chalkboard paint that will be utilized on it. An affordable mug will serve just along with a costly one, but unless you want one that already has a design on it ensure that you get a plain, solid colored mug.

The next action required is chalkboard paint. Although this is usually found at many craft as well as art shops, it might be somewhat expensive. Fortunately, chalkboard paint is easy and inexpensive to make at home. You will want to purchase paint for your project in whatever color or colors you regard appropriate. For mugs, the best option is ceramic or porcelain paint. Then, you are going to need to take a visit to the nearest hardware store as well as get some non sanded tile grout. to be able to help make the chalkboard paint, only mix one cup of paint with 2 tablespoons of the grout. Mix this concoction properly so that you will discover no lumps and in no time you will have a batch of attractive, affordable chalkboard paint within the color or perhaps colors of your choice.

The next thing is simply a question of painting the mug with the chalkboard paint. Feel free to get creative with this step; instead of painting the entire mug with the chalkboard paint, you can make use of stencils to make chalkboard aspects of different shapes and sizes for instance. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and also you are able to even utilize ordinary coloring making designs around the chalkboard area. Ensure that create your own mug get a good, smooth coating of chalkboard paint onto the mug. to be able to help the paint set as well as bond into the mug, place it in an oven set to low heat for a couple of hours. Once you pull the mug out and give it time to cool, it is set to be provided.

Because presentation is everything, it’s time to spruce up this unique gift before offering it to the receiver. Most likely the most sensible thing you can include with gift plans of this form is a small package of chalk, ideally one in different styles and colors to allow the receiver to have completely creative with your project. Think of wrapping the whole offer in clear gift paper, sit by and watch the recipient’s face light up with joy.

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