Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town South Africa

South Africa is a nation placed in the southern tip of the continent of Africa, with more than 1,700 miles of beaches along Indian Oceans and the Atlantic. It is a country uniquely popular among visitors for a number of tasks including wildlife safari along with Shark Cage Diving Tours.

These diving trips normally begin in the morning after breakfast depending on the sea conditions and end around after 3 hours. During intermediate and substantial seasons, you will find generally two tours a day, while during peak seasons (June to August), which may increase to 3 trips in one day. They typically start around seven so as to capture the predation and breaching activities during the first light of the morning. Sharks are active around that time. During peak season, there is almost a 100 % chance of looking at sharks, but that could drop by aproximatelly eighty % during intermediate seasons. You are able to often get a voucher for non sighting in case you are unlucky.

There are also Southern Right whales, schools of dolphins and penguins which may remain visible on the journey. If you’re competent to go to Seal Island, be equipped for the spectacular viewing of more than 64,000 seals in one spot.

Trips typically leave from Simon’s Town, which is just about half an hour from Cape Town, and from Kleinbaai Harbor in Gansbaai. Once the boat leaves the shore and goes for the locations where sharks are noted to roam, the anchor is dropped and sharks are attracted using special food. As soon as the sharks begin operating alongside of the boat, you have a possibility to reach the cage as well as purchase lowered into the water. It is an extremely thrilling, once in a lifetime experience to have a great white shark brush against you while you take close up pictures of the huge fish. As it’s very popular, most of the limited tours run a long occasion in advance and lots of men and women without prior bookings are turned away. This is mainly true during peak season, which runs until September. During liveaboard of December to May, receptive ocean trips with Blue and Mako Shark viewings are also available, in case you’re not able to get into the water.

Wildlife tours offer a similar story. They’re quite popular with families and often booked weeks in advance. This is a seasonal trip and provided for limited periods at designated times only. As is apparent, unless you reserve in advance, there’s a good chance you might not experience everything South Africa is offering.

While visiting a different state, it is vitally important to plan the trip so you are able to capture the essence of the best place and experience its splendor in the couple of short days you’re there. It is vital to book your journey just before getting to South Africa. Visit us online so that you are able to ignore the lines.

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