CGI Web Hosting – 3 Essential Scripts for Your Business

If there’s one thing which everyone loves it is a web site with a great deal of automated functions. Sites which are very active are inclined getting the best traffic and generate likely the most business for the companies that operate them. Automated features also can play a “behind the scenes” role, making your website easier to utilize, run smoothly as well as permit stuff like online sales and password protection.

You can find several ways to get this particular type of automation into your site, but all involve either client side or server side scripting. Scripts are authored in programming languages particularly created for the web, and you will find many languages which are typically used. Most client side scripts are written in Java that’s still one of the better web programming languages around. Several options of an internet site has to be accomplished via server side scripting, nevertheless, and the usually used languages for server side scripting are PHP, PERL, and cgi. PHP and Perl are brand new languages and are getting a lot of acceptance, but you will find still lots of functions that may be scripted in the granddaddy of web scripting languages, CGI.

Going shopping Carts

Certainly no web based sales web site will be complete without a functioning shopping cart and quite a few of the greatest ones have been completely written in CGI script. CGI web hosting is wonderful for shopping cart scripts because it interfaces nicely with a lot of databases, like the well known MYSQL and MS Access sources, it can be utilized on Windows, UNIX, LINUX, and MACOS servers with equal ease, and can also easily be configured for shipping cost and income tax calculations. Some more modern shopping cart scripts are now being written in PHP and also PERL, but the majority of the functioning carts online are in traditional CGI web hosting scripts.

Password Protection

Lots of sites require some form of registration & entry of your password for the user to print on the site’s features. This’s completed for a selection of reasons from simply a preference to track guests for advertising and marketing purposes to allowing postings on message boards and making certain users have paid any required charges associated with utilization of the website. The robotic registration process and user name/password issuance could be composed with CGI scripts as well as lots of them have been.

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Form Managers

Have you ever wondered exactly how the kinds you fill out online are handled? In the majority of situations, they’re controlled by CGI web hosting. When a person fills in that kind and hits the “submit” button, a CGI script takes over and sends the feedback in email and writes it to a database exactly where it could be accessed soon after through the site’s administrators.

These’re just some of the uses for CGI scripts on modern web sites. There are literally a huge selection of others and if there is a thing that may be carried out on a web site, it’s something that you can do with cgi. PHP and Perl might be gaining a great deal of popularity for numerous reasons, but CGI was with us first and it is not going anywhere. Provided that you’ll find web sites, CGI web hosting will remain king.

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